Parent Information



Half Day - Monday-Friday {8:30am-11:30am}

Full Day - Monday-Friday {8:30am-3:00pm}


Full Day children bring lunch from home, and we eat together.  Full Day program is for children with an invitation from the Guide when ready. 

Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

Please refer the 2021/22 Parent Handbook 

Parent Service Commitment

It is vitally important to have parents of Red Cottage Montessori students engaged in activities that will support the sustainability of the school.  In keeping with this standard, you will be expected to contribute your time and talent to help the school achieve its operational and academic goals through fundraising and other activities to help maintain facilities, purchase new teaching materials, equipment, programming opportunities and tuition scholarships.  You will be asked to identify committee assignment you would be willing to commit your services.

Parent Meeting

Prior to the beginning of the school fall term, Red Cottage Montessori hosts a Parent Meeting for all parent(s)/ guardian(s). It is a great way to start the school year, meet new individuals who have joined the Red Cottage family, refresh ourselves with information about upcoming activities and provide announcements regarding anything that needs to be mentioned.  The Parent Meeting is typically held on an evening prior to the Labor Day weekend. A confirmation of the date (and subsequent reminders) will be sent via email to all families. 

2021-22 Parent Handbook

Please click the document to view our 2021-22 Parent Handbook